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Warriors Volleyball

The Warriors have provided the youth of our community the opportunity to play youth sports since 1967.  The Warriors are a member club of the Arapahoe Youth League (AYL) and serve the youth in Northern Douglas County (for a description of the Warriors territory please select the "Our Territory" button).

The Warriors teams will play a minimum of 8 matches during regular season followed by a single elimination end of season tournament. Practices for the 2023 season will begin late Feb 2023. Warriors teams will be given up to two practices weekly. Matches will be played on Friday evenings or anytime Saturdays and will begin the first weekend in March 2023. Our end of season play-offs and championship tournament games are usually completed by the first week of May.

*Note all games and times are subject to gym time availability and could be played on alternate dates/times.


Registration begins in December and continues until teams are full. Registration will only be available online at the Warriors website.  Limited amount of space is available and programs do fill quickly.

The AYL league groups players based on the grade in which the player is in as of October 1st, 2022. The teams at each grade level may be further divided into two Divisions based on the team's experience and past record. The Divisions are National and American with National being the highest level. All newly formed teams are generally entered into the American division while the more experienced teams comprised of players with the most prior playing experience generally play in the National division. All of the Divisions have play-offs and championship games.

Game & Play Information:

  • Volleyball matches consist of three games to 21 points while using a continuous running clock of 55 minutes. 
  • The court size for 1st grade and under will be 30' x 40' long and for all other grades the court size will be 30' x 60' long. 5th grade and under will play on 6'6" nets while 6th grade and up will play on 7'4" nets.
  • 2nd and under, an "Oversized Trainer" ball will be used.  
  • 3rd through 6th, a "Volleyball Lite" ball will be used.
  • 7th and up, any high school approved regulation volleyball will be used. 

The Warriors and the AYL understands that players not only develop and improve their individual skill levels through practice but with the opportunity to play in actual games. Thus to provide eligible players the maximum opportunity to improve their skill level, the AYL volleyball league has established a "Minimum Play" rule. An explanation is available in our rule book. We often monitor our Coaches' compliance to the rule, as does the AYL. We encourage all of our Coaches to explain their individual philosophy with regard to earning playing time at their first Parents meeting.

Should you have more questions about the program please contact our VOLUNTEER listed below: